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Express through Art.

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I'm Karla, a passionate artist.

I am passionate about helping people see the world in a new way through being able to express on paper with paint and pencils. There is an incredible beauty that comes with being able to learn the techniques to using a medium such as watercolor to make something come to life on paper.

I am offering 8 weeks of lessons for one medium at a time to build up skill level and appreciation for the arts. You or your child does not need to know anything about the medium to join the class. Classes will be no larger than six people so that each participant gets individual attention to learn.

Classes will be offered in my home where I will take Covid precautions by sanitizing all surfaces used and will implement wearing masks if participates want that in place. 

$35 for a one and half hour session (supplies included) - 8 sessions - $280 for two months of instruction


My Services

Works of Art


When I asked Karla to teach my girls watercolor, I knew the experience was going to be great. She teaches step by step and builds on each technique. She is very well prepared, organized, enthusiastic, and patient. She uses the time well. I have seen the progression in my daughters art, and it is terrific. I have learned a lot of techniques myself. I highly recommend Karla!

- Heidi -

I like watercolor painting because it's relaxing and it's enjoyable. I also like painting cute animals and mixing and making new colors! My favorite painting was either the whale or the elephant we did. Karla is a great teacher and very patient. She always waits for us until we are finished.

- Chloe -

Karla is a good teacher. Makes it easier to understand. She is good at explaining and is a patient teacher.

- Sophie -

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